Tough Minds & Tender Hearts – Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. sermon: “Tough minds & tender hearts” From 1959, this sermon still has great relevance. While he addresses those who believe whatever is in the print media, that issue is now compounded by those who believe choice bits in social media. This context is given from the King Institute: King elaborates on a […]

“Postcards from Babylon: the Church in American Exile” review by Brad Jersak

“Postcards from Babylon: the Church in American Exile” Documentary review by Brad Jersak “Come home. You’re better than this.” —Daniel Dietrich, Hymn for the 81% You had me at Brian Zahnd. When the first seven days of 2021 had already trumped (sic) the insanity of 2020, and Christian nationalism had erupted in all manner of […]

Is there a Second Coming when Jesus will suddenly show up? Bradley Jersak

Question: Is there a second coming when Jesus will suddenly show up? In our class on the Gospel of John, Fr. John Behr says the Nicene creed has been misinterpreted: That “Who will come again” actually is better translated “again coming.” He explained, “His coming in the name of the Lord is what we see […]

Near-Death Experiences: A Conversation with Bradley Jersak

Reader How should we receive such numerous stories of people who claimed to have near-death experiences and experienced heaven/hell, especially since the impact upon their audiences cannot be overlooked? These stories have been used to inspire people to follow Jesus either because of the riches of heaven or the utter fear of a horrendous hell. […]

When Hate Is Strong and Mocks the Song …

Crushed      Three years ago (Dec. 2017) was the last time I saw my granddaughter in person. On that day, it was clear to me I would never see her again.      I didn’t know that eventually, my son and his estranged wife (who had custody of their child) would eventually become very […]

Let Go: The Essence of Forgiveness

QUESTION What is the essence of forgiveness? If I don’t forgive, will I ‘lose my salvation’? RESPONSE The word ‘forgive’ literally means ‘let go.’ If someone has offended me or sinned against me in some way: 1. Forgiving is NOT saying, I’m okay – I might still be suffering. 2. Forgiving is NOT saying, you’re okay […]

Q&R: What does “prepared for destruction” mean? (Romans 9:22) – Brad Jersak

Question: Romans 9:22 “What if God, although willing to demonstrate His wrath and to make His power known, endured with much patience vessels of wrath prepared for destruction?” What is the tone/intent of the phrase “prepared for destruction”? Response: I don’t believe we can understand this phrase in isolation from the pastoral concern, rhetorical question […]

When even Jesus seems unChristlike! Bradley Jersak

What do we do with Scripture when even Jesus seems unChristlike? I can think of a good number of occasions where Jesus seems to either depict his Father as harsh and brutal (if we incorrectly read the king/master parables as straight-across imagery for God) or seems quite “judgy” himself, to the point of what we […]