A Timely Revisit to NT Wright’s “Surprised by Hope”

Revisiting N.T. Wright’s Surprised by Hope after the Death of My Dad Bradley Jersak With the release of N.T. Wright’s instant classic, Surprised by Hope, Christian theology received a much-needed chiropractic adjustment to its basic theology of our blessed hope beyond the grave. In brief, Wright reminded us that our ultimate end is not in a […]

“Sorry for your loss” – Eulogy & Funeral Message Lloyd Jersak

Eulogy for Lloyd Jersak (1937-2023) Lloyd Jersak’s eulogy is a distillation of memories he shared with his sons, Rodney and Bradley, one month ago. Lloyd Jersak was born on August 28, 1937, to Jaroslav and Emilie Jersak, and was delivered in their farm home outside Minitonas, Manitoba. He grew up in a close-knit family, with […]

Three Angels Who Always Follow Me – Bradley Jersak

Three angels always follow me. As a wee child immersed in our family’s faith story from the crib, I was introduced to the words and imagery of Psalm 23 well before I could read. Bible storybooks coupled David’s song with illustrations of the Good Shepherd from Jesus’ parable, pictured rescuing lost and entangled lambs or […]

My Apology to Fr. Richard Rohr – Bradley Jersak

Dear Fr. Richard, It’s been a full 7 years since I met you face-to-face in Albuquerque. You’ve done so many interviews that this may not ring a bell, but you were in fine form that day. Your five-minute description of contemplation is GOLD: Anyway, it came to my attention that in a Q&A with you a […]

“Kyrie, eléison” (“Lord, Have Mercy”) Bradley Jersak

JEWISH & CHRISTIAN ORIGINS OF THE WORD ‘MERCY’ Following their Jewish forbears, whose hymns proclaimed, “Your mercy endures forever!” the first Christians crafted a simple and beautiful prayer, “Kyrie, eléison,” which translated is “Lord, have mercy.” To get a feel for the meaning of the word “mercy,” we think of how, in Hebrew, it doubles […]

Jesus: Monarch or Thief? Bradley Jersak

“King” Jesus Is our Lord Jesus Christ a king? The Bible certainly says so when it tells us “Jesus is Lord,” that he is enthroned in the heavens, seated at the right hand of his Father, and that he reigns in the world. The Gospels tell us that Jesus preached the “gospel of the kingdom,” […]

Confessions of a Write-Off

I was a write-off I know, I know. We don’t like to descend into the dehumanizing “worm theology” of those degrading faith traditions that spout our “total depravity.” I firmly believe we’re all precious children of our heavenly Father and no matter how disordered, we still bear the image of God. By using the term […]

Q&R: Did Paul Silence Women? 4 Views

Question I am reading 1 Corinthians 14:34-36, where Paul says that women should not speak in church but just ask their husbands questions afterward at home. (What if their husband is not so bright?) Does this still apply today? And why? Response Glad you asked. Let’s start by reading the passage: First, let’s dispense with a […]

“The Cross of Jesus Christ is the Epicentre of Reality” – Bradley Jersak

“The Cross of Jesus Christ is the Epicentre of Reality” – Bradley Jersak I occasionally make the assertion that the Cross of Jesus Christ is the epicenter of reality—attempting to recall the precision and poetry of early Christian theologians who used the Latin phrase axis mundi (axis of the universe). Lately, I’ve become aware of […]

The Parable of the Sheep & Goats – Matthew 25 – Bradley Jersak

Matthew 25:31-46 – Feast of the Final Judgment AN UNNERVING PARABLE The Gospel reading for the feast of the final judgment—the parable of the sheep and goats—is an unnerving passage, and it’s meant to be. It rattled Jesus’ opponents, surprised his disciples, and ought to deeply unsettle us. Christ’s words here are surprising, containing deep […]