Fridays with Godfather: Holiness, Presence, Conversion & Restoration – Bradley Jersak

Fridays with Godfather: “Holiness,” Conversion & Restoration Ever since my confessor, Staretz Varlaam, joined the “cloud of witnesses” in February 2020, my dear godfather, David Goa, has generously stepped into that gaping breach to spend an hour each week with me on the phone. I share my struggles, look for his input, and we enjoy […]

“Part of me thinks” – Bradley Jersak

NOTE FROM A FRIEND      I’ve been wondering what responsible Christlike decision-making looks like when it seems the only way to protect is to take life or cause harm—when nonviolent alternatives seem to have been exhausted. How do we live in the world as it is and not as it ought to be, where swords are […]