Moralism, Cheap Grace & Cruciform Love – Bradley Jersak

WHAT IS MORALISM? Moralism is NOT merely the desire to live a moral life. Moralism is a compulsion to justify oneself and to judge others. Moralism replaces living faith and a desire for God, emphasizing who is included in or excluded from one’s in-group. It prohibits and requires behaviors based on the moral judgments of my religious community […]

Guest Post – Co-Suffering, Co-Struggling – Lazar Puhalo

From the Monk Lazar I have two things in my heart that I would ask you to share when given the opportunity. “The Passions” (1) Remind people that the word “passion” means suffering. When we speak about “the passions,” we are not talking about “sin.” Rather we are speaking of inner human suffering. When a […]