Q&R: “What do we mean by ‘the blood of Jesus’?” – Bradley Jersak

“Jesus Blood Never Failed My Yet” was recorded by Gavin Bryars in 1971 for a documentary. One day Gavin left the studio for a cup of coffee while the song played back in a loop, and when he was back, he noticed that people around were moving slowly, some sitting alone, weeping. He realized the […]

Forgiveness is Scandalous Again – Bradley Jersak

THE SCANDAL… Over several years, I have been tracking the results of a rolling survey by a Christian teacher, Dan White Jr. Although we’ve never met, I would call him an online friend. As Dan visits faith communities across America, he invites Christians to follow Jesus. But wait, isn’t following Jesus the very definition of […]

Let Go: The Essence of Forgiveness

QUESTION What is the essence of forgiveness? If I don’t forgive, will I ‘lose my salvation’? RESPONSE The word ‘forgive’ literally means ‘let go.’ If someone has offended me or sinned against me in some way: 1. Forgiving is NOT saying, I’m okay – I might still be suffering. 2. Forgiving is NOT saying, you’re okay […]

“I Needed Color” – Jim Carrey, Jesus and Healing Color

Jim Carrey is one of kind. Well, we all are, right? But so often we see others in monochrome and are blind to the enormous palette of color that makes every one of us living miracles of God’s affection. In Carrey’s case, the spectrum is broad to the point of shocking, for his zany comic […]