“Moving On: Faith after Evangelicalism” – Brad Jersak

I’m so over him! she sobbed, I’m moving on! confirming that she hadn’t even begun the process of “moving on.” Theirs had been love at first sight—butterflies of infatuation assured her that she had found “Mister Right”—or, “the One” as she liked to call him. How had it come to this? Not worth recounting, though […]

Moving On: Faith after Evangelicalism – CWR Magazine Aug 2017

The August issue of CWR Magazine is live and online. CLICK HERE to view these articles: Moving On: Faith after Evangelicalism – Brad Jersak – pg. 1 Vive la Revolution! – Brian Zahnd – pg. 7 Do Only Christians Go to Heaven? – Zack Hunt – pg. 8 On Wisdom Amidst the Crowd – Danielle Shroyer […]