The Scandal of the Cross [or Lethal Injection Table] – Brad Jersak

This week I have been pondering afresh the scandal of the Cross as I read (for probably the fifth time) an article by Wm. Paul Young titled “The Killing House.” He writes about his experiences in visiting men on “death row,” scheduled for execution, most probably by lethal injection. I began to imagine Christ dying […]

What ‘Christ Died for Our Sins Meant to the Fathers’ – Brad Jersak

The following summary represents what we find in the classics of early Christian thought as they recalled the ‘faith once delivered,’ and sought to articulate the meaning of the Incarnation in light of the revelation that Christ was both fully human and fully divine. For primary readings on this, see for example: Athanasius, On the Incarnation […]

“I Needed Color” – Jim Carrey, Jesus and Healing Color

Jim Carrey is one of kind. Well, we all are, right? But so often we see others in monochrome and are blind to the enormous palette of color that makes every one of us living miracles of God’s affection. In Carrey’s case, the spectrum is broad to the point of shocking, for his zany comic […]