Q&R with Brad Jersak: What does “children of wrath” mean? (Ephesians 2:3)

Question I have a question about Ephesians 2:3 and the meaning of one of the words that Paul uses in it. The Greek word is “phusis/phýsis” and it’s translated as “nature.” Here’s the verse: “…among whom we all once lived in the passions of our flesh, carrying out the desires of the body and the […]

Let Go: The Essence of Forgiveness

QUESTION What is the essence of forgiveness? If I don’t forgive, will I ‘lose my salvation’? RESPONSE The word ‘forgive’ literally means ‘let go.’ If someone has offended me or sinned against me in some way: 1. Forgiving is NOT saying, I’m okay – I might still be suffering. 2. Forgiving is NOT saying, you’re okay […]

The Scandal of the Cross [or Lethal Injection Table] – Brad Jersak

This week I have been pondering afresh the scandal of the Cross as I read (for probably the fifth time) an article by Wm. Paul Young titled “The Killing House.” He writes about his experiences in visiting men on “death row,” scheduled for execution, most probably by lethal injection. I began to imagine Christ dying […]

Memory Eternal: My friend, Eugene Peterson – by Brad Jersak

This week marked the passing of my friend, Eugene H. Peterson, into that place of brightness and refreshing, where sorrow and mourning are no more, and Christ wipes away every tear from our eyes. I don’t call Peterson ‘my friend’ lightly. Nor do I intend to pseudo-humbly, not-so-subtly name drop. In one of the more […]

“Space for All at God’s Table” – Brad Jersak 

“Space for All at God’s Table” – Brad Jersak  “The Jesus Way makes space for all at God’s table; it enfolds all people as those whom God loves.” —Greg Albrecht “It’s easy to call people out. It’s harder to call them in. But confession is a helpful start.” —Jarrod McKenna The Pharisee and the Publican […]

Why Did Jesus Come? by Jeannette Vandervalk

This children’s song, composed by Jeannette Vandervalk was inspired by Brad Jersak’s children’s book, “Jesus Showed Us!” and articulates a vision of what the Cross event was all about that is non-toxic for children. Why Did Jesus Come Why, oh why, did Jesus come? (3 x) He came to show us God, Who made you and […]