Fear No Evil


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Do You Want to Be Free From Fear?

Orange alerts, panic spam, doomsday prophets: Ever since you were born, the government, the media, and religious groups have used fear to control you. What if behind every fear lurked a lie? What if for every lie there stood a truth? And what if that truth could make you fear-free?

Everywhere you look, someone is trying to make you afraid: Be afraid of the terrorists, the liberals, the fundamentalists. Beware of people who are different—strange pigment, strange flags, strange gods. Fear the boogey man, fear the devil, fear the abductor. Fear even the Teletubby. Beware of infectious disease, newfound plagues, incoming comets. Be afraid!

Why is everybody trying to make you hit the panic button? They have an agenda, they need your help, and they enlist that help through fear. “They” are anyone who uses fear to leverage you, to pull your chain, to push your buttons.

The good news is, it CAN stop—today. You can break free from the culture of fear, and Fear No Evil can help!

  • Snapshots of fear: Terrorists, presidents, filmmakers, shock-rockers, televangelists, teletubbies, Harry Potter, event scientists. Prepare to be scared!
  • Taking the axe to the roots: Deconstructing fear, rooting out fear, rooting out anxiety, and stripping the power of the dreaded “What if…?”
  • Reprogramming the fearful: Entering the throne room, living the Psalms, believing the hymns.

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