Reversed Perspective – Bradley Jersak

Vanishing Lines I had coffee yesterday with a friend of mine, Bill Thiessen, who led Eden and me on a life-altering journey to Jamaica and Haiti three decades ago. We were reflecting on aging, as I am about to turn 60, and he is now nearly 90. Bill reminded me how important hope is. He […]

“Why does God allow…”

Question “Why do horrific things happen to completely innocent people/children?” Response This is such an important question and needs to be asked again and again. Even if no rational answer can suffice, millions cry it out as a lament every day, while others frame it as evidence against the existence of a good God. It […]

SSU Hooding of Brian and Peri Zahnd at Ephesus

St. Stephen’s University, NB had the privilege of conferring the Degree of Doctor of Divinity honoris causa on Brian and Peri Zahnd at Ephesus (April 2024). The ceremony was located in the altar area of the ruins of the Church of Mary, the site of the 3rd Ecumenical Council in 431 AD. Officiating: Dr. Peter […]

“The Unquenchable Fire”

Question I am looking for help with the biblical language of “unquenchable fire.” It seems to indicate an eternal burning that I’ve always associated with eternal torment in hell or the lake of fire. Response Let’s begin with the texts that actually use that phrase. Isaiah 33:14 – “Who among us can coexist with destructive […]

The Tender Experience of Being Human – Bradley Jersak

“What a tender experience it is to be human.” ~Vincent Lin My friend Vincent knows. He is tender, experienced, and human. His wisdom is always kind and, therefore, healing. We first met in a Zoom course I was leading through the Gospel of John. We stay in touch through email and prayer. We’re from different […]

Interpreting the Old Testament: 3 Layers

QUESTION I grew up in a Christian tradition where literal interpretation is the only way to read the Bible. I have always loved stories such as Elijah’s confrontation with the prophets of Baal (1 Kings 18) and how God came to him after Elijah fled for his life (ch. 19). But there is a lot […]

Jesus’ Nail Scars – Bradley Jersak

Question Did Jesus’ crucifixion nails go through his hands or his wrists? Does it matter? What matters? Response From earliest times—in both the Bible and sacred art, Christians have located Jesus’ nail scars on his hands. The strongest biblical indicator for doing so is in John 20, where we read that Jesus appears in the […]

Q&R: “What do we mean by ‘the blood of Jesus’?” – Bradley Jersak

“Jesus Blood Never Failed My Yet” was recorded by Gavin Bryars in 1971 for a documentary. One day Gavin left the studio for a cup of coffee while the song played back in a loop, and when he was back, he noticed that people around were moving slowly, some sitting alone, weeping. He realized the […]

Sow Well & Let Go of Outcomes – Bradley Jersak

“The kingdom of God is as if a man should scatter seed on the ground, and should sleep by night and rise by day, and the seed should sprout and grow, he himself does not know how.” (Mark 4:26-27) Letting Go of Outcomes Many of history’s greatest prophets and sages emphasized the importance of “sowing” well—i.e., offering our contribution […]