The Church: All of Creation, Seen from the End – Bradley Jersak on John Behr

A few years ago, I asked myself how I’d like to continue my studies, both in terms of professional development and also deepening my spiritual journey on the Jesus Way. I’m grateful to say that path now includes adopting Fr. John Behr of Aberdeen University as a valued teacher and friend. Although we share the […]

From “Woe!” to “Whoa!” – Bradley Jersak

I am troubled when I read Scripture’s heaviest divine warning—Woe to you!—especially when it comes from the mouth of Jesus Christ, and more so when I hear it land in my own heart. Christ brings out the ‘woe’ in the following passages (though some are duplicates): Matthew 11:20-21, 18:7, 23:13-16, 23-29, 26:24, Mark 14:21, Luke […]