“The Gospel According to Hermes” by Ron Dart, Bradley Jersak, et al

New Book Release: The Gospel According to Hermes: Intimations of Christianity in Greek Myth, Poetry and Philosophy by Ron S. Dart and Bradley Jersak with Simon Oliver, Wm. Paul Young, and Abp. Lazar Puhalo AVAILABLE NOW! CLICK here to order from Amazon.com CLICK here to order from Amazon.ca CLICK here to order from Amazon.co.uk Note: […]

Q&R: How does Habakkuk 3 point to Christ?

Question I’m doing some research on the prophet Habakkuk and I was wondering if you have some thoughts on it. In chapter 3, there seems to be a prediction about a lot of violence that God will supposedly bring. How might we see Christ in the midst of these verses? Response      Habakkuk is […]