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Seminar format is very flexible and is meant to serve your needs. Typically, we think in terms of about six hours and the most common version looks like this:

  • Friday night teaching1.5 to 2 hours
  • 7:00-7:30 gather, welcome, and worship.
  • 7:30-9:30 teaching time with a 15 minute cookie/coffee break
  • Saturday morning teaching 2.5 hours
  • 9:30-noon ‚ teaching time with a coffee/cookie break
  • Lunch break
  • Saturday afternoon OR evening teaching
  • EITHER one session after lunch (e.g. 1:15 to 3) OR
  • 7:30-9:00 p.m. evening service with some worship time (7:30-9:00)
  • Sunday morning your regular length sermon



  • a. Prayer - We ask that the church put out a call to intercessors who would be interested in meeting a few times together to bathe the weekend in prayer, esp. for "hearing hearts." We are surprised what a difference this makes.
  • b. Leadership Involvement - We ask that the church leadership be on board and in unity about inviting me. We require a significant commitment by the pastoral / leadership team to personally attending the conference. I''d like them to be sure not to book over that weekend, since their presence will enable the church to sustain and nurture what''s been taught after I leave.
  • c. Advertising - We ask that the church make an open invitation to the other churches in town. Significant unity comes through these conferences whenever the other churches show up. We''d like it if you could send out a bulletin insert and letter of invitation to as many as possible or reasonable. We encourage posters, bulletin inserts, etc.
  • d. Books - We ask that you'd recruit a volunteer for the book table throughout the seminar. If the church would like to bulk order books at any time, there is a 25% discount.



We ask that the church would cover the travel expenses (return flight) and promo from your own budget. I prefer to be billeted, so no hotel or rental car is necessary. Feel free to book me for meals as you feel best. We would like the conference to be open to all without registration fees, so we normally ask that there be two love offerings taken, one on Fri. night and one on Sat. morning, both right after the cookie break. We''d ask that these in their entirety be given to us. There is no standard or minimum fee beyond this. If you have me preach Sunday morning, if you choose to give a regular honorarium for that, it is welcome.



The content of the seminar is also flexible, but the following topics generally get covered:

  • "My Sheep Hear My Voice" - material from chapter 1 in Can You Hear Me?
  • "Open the Eyes of My Heart" - covers things related to chapter 2
  • "The Farmer and the Seed" - teaching and activation of God''s voice of encouragement.
  • "Discerning God's Voice" - covers chapter 3 from Can You Hear Me?
  • "The Meeting Place" - covers chapter 5 from Can You Hear Me?
  • "The Seventh Fire" - uses the Beatitudes as a furnace for testing every alleged message from God.
  • "Seeing Jesus in the Least of These" - based Kissing the Leper and Matthew 25.

Even those who've already read Can You Hear Me? should find the seminar to be fresh, in that I don't necessarily follow the outline in the book, all the illustrations are new, and a good portion of the seminar involves interaction and activation exercises.



For those who would like it, I provide references from churches where we've previously held seminars, as well as from those with whom I have accountability, including my mentors and the leadership in my faith community.

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