A theology of the Cross discovers and admits the obvious: namely, God is truly all-powerful and immovable in his love but also (though not only), surprisingly, we often experience Him as all-powerless in time, in this world

- Brad Jersak, A More Christlike God

Against the openness of God, the evil that would annihilate God's creation, close down history, and shut the world off from its Creator, does not have a hope in hell.

- Brad Jersak, Her Gates Will Never Be Shut

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Brad Jersak is an author and teacher based in Abbotsford, BC, where he serves as ordained reader and monastery preacher at All Saints of North America Monastery. He also occasionally teaches at Fresh Wind Christian Fellowship. Through his books and seminars, Brad shares the good news that God is Love, perfectly revealed in Jesus Christ. He teaches others how to
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The Evolution of Heavenly Fire

I recently came across the citation from St Athanasius (via creativeorthodox.com) that beautifully compares the resurrection of Christ to a fire that completely consumes death as if it were dry straw. The comparison reminded me of the range and frequent use of fire as imagery associated with the person or acts of God. A brief

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